We are always ready to assist you. Do you have questions? Would you like some personal advice from Renske? Or do you have a comment about one of our products? Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can always phone, email or visit us onsite in Cuijk. Of course, we can also be reached via the chat function on our website and via social media.

Our personal advice goes beyond the recommendation of our own products. For example, a cup of camomile tea can offer relief of a stomach ache, even for dogs and cats sometimes; these are the kinds of tips you can expect from us, as well as insights into pet behaviour and other things that may be of interest to you. At Renske Natural Pet Food, we really want the best for your dog or cat.



Every day, we study the developments in the dog food sector. Jan follows all the news from America to China. We closely follow the developments in medical science. We learn the most from our customers. When they phone for advice, we follow the process. Have our tips helped you? What does your dog or cat respond to best? We want to know it all, so that we can use these experiences in the further development of our products.

As experts, we know that every dog or cat needs something different. In addition, it is nice, of course, if your pet – just like you – can eat something different every day. That is why we have such a wide assortment at Renske Natural Pet Food. Even if your cat or dog is allergic, you can come to us. Vary and combine our products to create the perfect meal for your dog or cat.

Our customers even describe our products as energetic; we make sure your beloved pet will be full of energy again.


Naturally safe

All our products are 100% natural, with added vitamins. We do not use any chemical colour, scent or flavours, or chemical antioxidants. In addition, the well-being of the pets is taken into consideration; they grow up without the use of antibiotics. We even have a certified organic line.

Of course, our products are entire safe to use. By lightly steaming our fresh meat, the meat retains its good qualities. The steaming gets rid of all harmful bacteria - for both humans and pets. Our raw meat meals are produced at an FCA-certified product site. This guarantees the strictest standards for purchase, production, food safety and high quality. Our workplaces and all our operations obviously also meet the legal requirements related to safety, health and well-being.


Corporate social responsibility

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously. For example, in terms of the environment, we treat energy with as much awareness as possible. And we also expect our suppliers to work in a sustainable way and with social awareness.

Corporate social responsibility to us also means to be there for others. We closely cooperate with the regional social workplace. There are usually one or more employees busy with support work. In addition, as a local sponsor, we are involved with various charities and assist various animal shelters in the country.


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