Collect points for a discount on pet food or nice gifts from Renske Natural Pet Food. You get points with nearly every product. Depending on the product, this varies from half a point to a maximum of thirty points. Have you saved a hundred points? Then you have a full card, which is worth a €7.50 discount. Points cards are valid indefinitely.


Full points card

Have you saved a total of a hundred points? Great news! That means your points card is full. How you get to a hundred doesn’t matter. It could be three thirty-point coupons with twenty half-point ones. Or a hundred individual one-point coupons. As long as you have a total of a hundred or a multiple of that. Points cards that have less than a hundred points cannot be accepted. You can exchange as many full points cards as you like. 


Exchanging cards

There are three ways you can exchange your points card:

  1. Ask for it at the pet specialty shop where you buy your Renske Pet Food! You can hand in the full points cards at many pet specialty shops and immediately take advantage of the discount. Does your pet specialist not know about the Renske Savings campaign yet? Ask them to contact us.
  2. Send (by registered post) to: Renske Natural Pet Food B.V. – Beerseweg 34a – 5431 LC Cuijk.
  3. On business days between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. at our office at Beerseweg 34a in Cuijk.


 Registered post

Exchange your points cards by post? That is an option, but you are responsible for the postage. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t receive cards that were sent to us. We cannot be held responsible for that. Do you want certainty? Then you may send your full points cards to us by registered post. We will send a discount code to the email address you give us.


€7.50 Discount

A full points card represents a value of €7.50. The discount will be given when you buy new Renske products from us onsite or at the pet shop.


Online use

You can use the discount code online by entering it in the shopping cart at Renske's Webshop. When you enter the code you received, your discount will be processed automatically. The shipping costs are also set for €0.00. The code is valid with a minimum order amount of €7.50. It is not possible to use a portion of the discount or to exchange the code for cash.

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