Love of pets and food

“We were looking for the very best for our own dogs. If you can provide that for your own dogs, why not for others’ too? With that thought, we started Renske Natural Pet Food twenty-five years ago. Purely out of love for pets. Not only ours, but yours too. You want the best for your dog or cat, don’t you?


Back in time

Jan and I have been dog lovers since we were kids. I hated that my parents wouldn’t let me have one. It was different for Jan; he grew up on a farm in Brabant, so of course they had a dog. After we met, on a vacation, we lived in Friesland for a year. When we moved to Brabant after that, we got a German Shepherd right away. I remember it well; it was a long-haired German Shepherd. Because we both worked, we added a Dachshund to keep him company. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. He was much happier at Jan’s parents’ farm. We found the right companion for our Dachshund in Golden Retriever Nelson.



Back then, Golden Retrievers were a bit for the elite class. There were a few of them in the Randstad. Hardly any in our neighbourhood. The way Nelson came to us was serendipitous. He had been with a family in Boxmeer, where he destroyed literally everything. He damaged all the chair legs and the kids were afraid of him. We discovered that it was not the right place for him. To the chagrin of the breeder, we took him with us. After a while, we got involved in breeding; we really wanted a litter, and so we bought a female. Ultimately, we ended up breeding and training Golden Retrievers for thirty years.



Fascinated with dog shows, we started to participate in them. Jan had a room full of pedigrees; from the very first Golden Retriever to the puppies from our litter – they were all there. Every weekend we could be found at shows, both domestic and abroad; first with Nelson and later with other dogs. We won everything. So, you could say everything was going well, and yet I was not satisfied with the dog food. Good nutrition plays such an important role in the appearance, health, behaviour and performance of both dogs and cats. I knew there was room for improvement.



When Jan and I get into somethings – whether it is breeding, the shows or food – we really go for it. We get completely immersed in it. We want to know everything about it. I love learning. When something interests me, I like to get to the bottom of it. And that is how Renske Natural Pet Food was born. Purely out of love for our dogs. And let’s not forget our cats. In addition to the golden retrievers and dachshunds, we have also had cats. Dogs and cats are so different. A cat eats differently, sleeps differently and behaves differently; much more independently. A dog’s owner is its boss, a cat has personnel, we sometimes say. A cat can take care of herself. Although, we can help him with the right kind of food, of course.



Nutrition is really my calling; I knew that right away when I started to study it. My training was originally as a bookkeeper, but I enjoy this so much more. It’s all so interesting to me. And there is so much to learn and discover. Take Omega 3 fatty acid, for example; I’ve been researching that for years. It may be twenty-five years since I started that study, but I still study for half an hour every day. If a customer has a question and I don’t know the answer, I really sink my teeth into it. I want to give them the right answer. And everything I learn in the process gets used in the development of our products. I only want to create the best of the best for all dogs and cats.”



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