“Nutrition plays an important role in the health, behaviour, performance and appearance of dogs and cats – I discovered that when I was successfully breeding dogs over twenty-five years ago. Jan and I won everything that could be won with our Golden Retrievers, but I never felt that the food we could find was adequate. So, it was time for me to do some research on that."

During my studies, I discovered that protein, fats and fatty acids are very important nutrients, but manufacturers often make different choice – primarily due to the price. I believe in the power of nature to make and keep the body healthy. That is only possible with good nutrition. Jan and I set out to develop the ideal pet food.

We closely follow all developments and I still study for half an hour every night before I go to sleep. We want the best not only for our animal; we want it for your dogs and cats too. We work according to that philosophy here at Renske Natural Pet Food. We look for ingredients that make those products even better; not for ways to make them cheaper. Everything we do here is out of love and passion for animals. And that includes not just Jan and me; that is true for our entire team.

All food must be as fresh as possible; after all, that is what we want on our plates. That means that the main ingredient in both our wet and our dry food products is fresh meat or fresh fish. This is always combined with vegetables, fruit, active herbs, valuable minerals, vitamins and trace elements, so that the ideal variety of natural ingredients can be created for your dog or cat.

Our high-quality products are based on variety and can therefore be combined with each other perfectly. You can even confidently give your pet our wet food products combined with our dry food products. This way, your pet gets a varied, balanced and very high-quality meal. This provides them with the right nutrients.

And you must admit: we want to eat something different every day too, don’t we? Thanks to our wide assortment that is really possible; the pets can even eat along with the family. When we have salmon for dinner, so do the dogs. This is not only fun; your pet will be very healthy and lively. That’s what you want for your dog or cat too, isn’t it?”


Power of the heart

Renske Natural Pet Food was created from an indestructible love for pets. Not only for our own dogs and cats, but also for yours. We started our company out of love, because we want the best for them. Financial gain has never played a role in that. We’re not interested in becoming big or commercial. We do everything from the heart. That’s what the slogan ‘Power of the heart’ in our logo stands for.

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