Our food is 100% natural and very high quality. The food is also very tasty. This allows you to pamper your pet in a responsible way, with a healthy meal!

Renske supplies both Fresh Meals and dry food and Healthy Rewards for dog and cat. You can create endless variations. Variety is healthy! It keeps the immune system awake, prevents boredom and it takes longer for your pet to build up an intolerance. Besides, we don’t eat the same thing every day either, do we?

Our products are suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds, available in puppy/kitten, adult and senior variants.

The basis of our food is love, fresh meat or fresh fish and Omega3 fatty acids. With that in mind, we have developed steamed Fresh Meals, various dry food lines and an entire range of Healthy Rewards. All 100%, naturally! This means that our products are free of artificial colour, scent, flavour, preservatives and chemical antioxidants. And we do not add any salt or sugar. For dogs, all our products are gluten-free and we also have grain-free variants. The products for cats are all gluten-free and grain-free. Our food is also very suitable for sensitive or allergic pets.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for personal food consultation. We are happy to advise and guide you!

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